Russ and Samantha know all there is to know about great conferences, as both are experienced speakers and savvy organizers. Let this book guide you through the entire process, and learn how to inspire your audience.
Cennydd Bowles
- Design Lead at Twitter, Author of Undercover User Experience Design

What People Are Saying About Speaker Camp

  • As an accomplished speaker who now teaches and encourages others in the field to speak publicly, this is the book I would have written. It’s your A-to-Z guide for how to become a public speaker, covering every nook and cranny of the process. While it’s tailored to those who work in the tech and design fields, anyone looking to become a public speaker can benefit from this book.
    Jessica Ivins
    - Senior UX Designer
  • The fear of public speaking sits amongst the highest possible fears, and under- standably so. It’s not easy to step in front of an audience, large or small, and pres- ent on a given topic. Fortunately, Speaker Camp, by Russ Unger and Samantha Starmer, will help you overcome that fear and prepare you to give the presentation you dream of. Working step by step from idea to creation to stepping on stage, Speaker Camp puts you in a position to give the perfect presentation. It’s an enjoy- able book filled with excellent insights and advice, well worth the read for new speakers or experienced veterans!
    Shay Howe
    - Designer, Front-End Developer, Problem Solver
  • This book provides a thorough walk-through of everything you need to think about and do as you grow to success as a conference speaker. The chapters each serve to coach, mentor, encourage, and caution the reader. If you’re eager to increase your confidence in all aspects of conference speaking, then you definitely need this book.
    Steve Portigal
    - Author of Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights
  • This is the book I wish I’d had when I first began applying to speak at conferences. Speaker Camp demystifies the process, answers the questions you’d be embarrassed to ask, and holds your hand as you create a proposal, build a presentation, and give the talk. It’s going to make my next presentation a lot easier.
    Laura Creekmore
    - President of Creek Content
  • Speaking at conferences is a common goal for designers, or anyone, really, who has become so interested in a topic that they want to share what they’ve seen and learned. But the steps to actually getting there—pulling together ideas, writing pro- posals, and pitching your presentation to organizers—can be daunting. It’s hard to argue with Russ and Samantha’s success in this space, and this book breaks down their thoughts and process in clear and intriguing ways. As an experienced speaker, reading it gave me new clarity and perspectives on the somewhat haphaz- ard way I sometimes go about coming up with ideas for presentations and pitching them. I’ll most certainly be recommending this to anyone who asks me for advice on getting into public speaking.
    Adam Connor
    - Design Director, Illustrator, Speaker
  • It is easy to go straight to designing the content and visual aids for a presentation, but they won’t be seen if the proposal isn’t given due time and won’t be remembered if the presentation isn’t well rehearsed and delivered. Speaker Camp gives clear tips and suggestions for every step in the speaking process, right down to investing in the right presentation tools. It is a must-read for anyone interested in speaking at conferences, workshops, or any event.
    Tonia M. Bartz
    - UX Designer, Ethnographer
  • Speaker Camp provides an incredibly methodical, but straightforward, guide for proposing and preparing presentations. Each section offers relevant questions to help you think through the nittygritty details that can often make or break your talk. It doesn’t just cover slides and speaking technique; it helps you tailor your big idea to the audience and theme of the conference—thus making your talks more effective and, as a result, you more confident.
    Amanda Morrow
    - Interactive Designer at BitMethod
  • There’s no magical potion that makes public speaking any less terrifying, but with this book, Russ and Samantha have created the next best thing: a comprehensive, thoughtful, sensible approach to presenting and speaking. Though I have consider- able client-facing presentation experience, I have spoken at only a few conferences and public venues, and Speaker Camp has helped demystify and de-terrify the conference preparation process for me.
    Gabby Hon
    - Senior User Experience Consultant
  • Setting yourself up to deliver a great presentation takes some serious prep work, and nobody knows it better than Starmer and Unger. In Speaker Camp, they’ve broken it down to a science. This playbook should be in the hands of everyone daring enough to take the stage and anyone hell-bent on nailing their next talk.
    Dennis Kardys
    - Design Director at WSOL, Author, Speaker
  • There are shelves of books about public speaking in the world. But this one, the one in your hands, is better. As a conference speaker and organizer, I can say this is the best practical guide I’ve read for creating an effective presentation, marketing yourself to conference organizers, and building the confidence to impress an audience. If only I’d had it when I began speaking...
    J Cornelius
    - Founder of Nine Labs, President of the Atlanta Web Design Group, Creator of the Web Afternoon conference series
  • Smart, inspirational, and relentlessly practical, Speaker Camp weaves an insightful starter toolkit for preparing, submitting, and delivering impactful conference presentations. Its engaging style features carefully researched content supplemented by candid real-life examples, demystifying the ingredients of a great talk as seen through the eyes of seasoned speakers and content curators worldwide. A must-read for first-time presenters and useful reference material for those looking to fine-tune their craft.
    Cornelius Rachieru
    - Co-chair, UXcamp Ottawa

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